Malicious, Mean & Scary

Malicious, Mean & Scary

During our recent trip to Disney World my lovely wife had the privilege to visit nearly every restroom at the 4 parks thanks to our youngest daughter and her desire to potty train herself at the Most Magical Place on Earth.  Unaware that this was going to be the direction the little one was going to take made our final trip to Disney this year one we defiantly wont forget.

Potty Training Mama at Disney World in Cool Disney Tank

It truly seems like a fitting shirt for my wife as every 30 minutes it seemed like she was storming off to find the nearest restroom with the little one.  A Mom on a Mission for sure.  The heat of the day and the crowds made the task even more challenging but never once did this awesome gal loose her cool with our rather ambitious child who is about to turn 2.  On the surface mom looked Malicious, Mean and Scary but deep down she had a dream, of supporting her daughter in her efforts. 

Mom and MillieAs I typically do through these adventures I try to document the journey and find creative ways to make light of the circumstances. Enough really can't be said for about the amazing role Mom play's in the structure of family. This blog post goes out to my crazy cool, sometime malicious, mean and scary BFF who my girls are lucky enough to call "Mom".

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