About Us

Llama Wrangler is all about FUN. Whether your family adventures bound to the Happiest Place on Earth, looking to share fun Pop Culture references that bring a good laugh, drinking coffee with friends, or just love llamas our goal is to bring a smile to your face with each item we create. 

Why Llama's?

As a designer I was looking for a fun way to make my work more interesting. Inspired by the designers of Disney I began by hiding llamas in all my designs much like the Hidden Mickey's in Disney Parks and Movies. Why a Llama? Because Llamas do as they please and look good doing it. As a child one of my favorite books was “Where’s Waldo” and my hidden llamas are an ode to my childhood memories. People started looking for my hidden gem when I finished a new design whether it was a postcard, catalog, calendar, shirt, video, website, etc.; they found joy in being the first one to find it! Over the past 10 years it has become my signature and now wherever I go the Llama follows me so I began wrangling them up everywhere I find them. The Llama Wrangler brand is inspired by the world around me. There is no focus other than fun. I want to hear from you for ideas of where you’d like to find your next llama. I love meeting new people and working with them to create something truly unique while adding the Llama Wrangler touch to the design. 

The Llama Wrangler

I'm a huge Movie, Pop Culture, and Disney nerd who once was an aspiring Imagineer, but settled for Jungle Cruise Skipper/Multi-Media Specialist. I grew up in Southern California going to Disneyland or the Movies every chance I could, dreaming of a career that would give me creative freedom to bring joy to others through my designs. My career has taken me from the jungles of the world, to designer, and to executive marketer but the thing I enjoy the most is designing what I'm passionate about. Then the idea for Llama Wrangler grew through my evolution and now I share my designs and personality with you and hope you share your interests and inspirations with me in return.

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